WTF is consciousness?


Let’s set one thing straight

Author’s Note

Emergence Theory

“How stupid things can do smart things together”

— Kurzegesagt, in a nutshell

It just does…

  • Atoms working together create molecules
  • Molecules working together create proteins
  • Proteins working together create cells
  • Cells working together create organs
  • Organs working together create biological organisms (ex: humans)
  • Biological organisms working together can create complicated intricate structures like tribes, animal packs and societies.
  1. Find food.
  2. Maintain energy.
  3. Live another day.

Acquisition of energy by a life form is directly proportional to the complexity of its consciousness and vice versa.

The Origin of consciousness is not the miracle

Who you are is nothing but a story.

Authors Note (again)

Basically, at the very bottom of life, which seduces us all, there is only absurdity, and more absurdity. And maybe that’s what gives us our joy for living, because the only thing that can defeat absurdity is lucidity.

— Albert Camus



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